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As an eager pooch darling, will undoubtedly begin to look all starry eyed at Stirling Collies. They are charming to take a gander at; however separated from that, they are to a great degree clever, friendly, and love sports. You couldn't request a more impeccable buddy! You might need to look at a portion of the tips posted underneath, to enable you to deal with a Stirling collie. This brand of collie is amazingly amiable and adores a lively exercise, so you have to take satisfactory care to ensure that they get the perfect measure of activity and physical movement.

Stirling collies: A crossbreed which outflanks others

What is the most imperative thing that a man needs? A decent companion. What's more, what better animal can fill that need than a puppy. In any case, on the other hand, a great pooch is a hard thing to discover these days. The most imperative thing that a man neglects to see is the type of the puppy.

CrossBreed Collies may be smarter than you think!

CrossBreed Collies may be smarter than you think!

Stirling Collies might be keener than you may suspect. The exploration at Stanford Institute has guaranteed that cross-breed pooches are obviously better than those high breed standard puppies. The issues with unadulterated breeds are not the absence of essential insight, but rather a greater amount of the mishappenings that are related to each breed. For example, German Shepherds are viewed as the third sharpest breed on the planet, yet the vast majority of the best from the breeds like the collies from Germany experience difficulty with their hips bringing about intellectual issue along the life of these canines. It is apparent that conditions like Hip Dysplasia could prompt Spinal disfigurements and later could add to stomach related clutters in canines.


Collie can work for the complete day without any problem, which requires more nutrition to be able to stay fit to that extent. One needs a thorough knowledge of Stirling collies health status, as well as their food requirements to be able to raise a fit collie, as they are able to thrive in any condition.

The benefits of opting for healthy foods for dogs

Many dog owners often wonder what to feed their pet dogs. This is a question which many people think about after they have bought their first dog. One of the best foods for them is, which has amazing dog food, healthy snacks, and supplements. A dog's diet should be well-balanced as well as nutritious. A poor diet can have serious effects on the dog's health and also be the reason for behavioral issues. 

Reasons you should have a Shollie in your house.

Taking on a designer dog seems to be the order of the day. The philosophy driving this tendency is the hope of ending up with a cross that takes the best traits from both parents minus their shortcomings. Such is the case of the Shollies which is a German Shepherd and Collie Mix. This medium to large designer dog is packed with love and energy. He is a preferred dog, in the middle of many, due to his high cleverness, unique build, and gorgeous demeanor.

The German Shepherd - Collie Mix is perfect for active families that can keep up with his workaholic nature. There are many Reasons that you get Shollies to your house. But previous to introducing this graceful dog in your house, here are a few things you should know.

Want To adopt a Shollie for your family?

There are many reasons why to adopt a Shollie for your family. A few of them are explained below:
·         They are very friendly in nature with kids and other animals.
·         They are active so good for home security, therapy, or farm work
·         They are smart, loyal, provide companionship
·         They are beautiful, sweet, and willing to play or work with you

Is the Shollie good with kids?

The Shepherd and Collie Mix, or “Shollies”is protective, yet friendly. These traits make him ideal for homesteads that have children. He makes a good play buddy as well as a guard mechanism whenever in new grounds. This dog will eagerly watch over your young one to keep him out of harm’s way. Of course, any dog will be excellent with kids if they are properly socialized and trained when they are young. We do not advocate introducing your dog to your kids without adult supervision, or dogs that are unfamiliar to you.

Benefits of working out with your Shollie buddy

The German Shepherd Collie mix makes a great exercise buddy. There are a lot of benefits you stand to increase from when you include him in your workout plan. Some of these returns include:
  • More time to bond and attach to your dog.
  • Get better physical health for you and your dog.
  • Helps your body to become resistant to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and much more.
  • Keeps you and the dog active and fresh.
  • Make stronger and builds muscle in both of you.
  • Can assist with dementia in senior dogs.
  • Assist In putting off any aggressive tendencies due to excess tension and energy.
In a nutshell, a German Shepherd Collie mix, or “Shollie”, is a lively dog with a high IQ. He comes from a generation of legendary workaholics that have a certain surge of life. These dogs are great with active families, therapy work, farm work, or just a companion.
Let’s Become familiar with your family’s needs when looking for your next companion.  If you have a Shollie, we would be glad to hear how you’re getting on!Our email is:

Hopefully, based on your research, it will be easy for you to pick out a Shollie for your family. The bottom line is this:  A Shollie deserves the possibility to go home with you!

Cheer Up with a Collie

One could also get Shollies, which is a mix of the species of German Shepherd, and Collies at StirlingCollies.  Shollies are also known as Collie Shepherds. So, if you always wanted to have a family dog for your home then you can definitely bring home the Collies, or the Shollies and make your home bustle with joy and happiness. Get in touch with StirlingCollies for healthy Shollies and Collie puppies.

We breed Love and Passion in Stirling Collies

StirlingCollies is a premier Collie breeding facility that has many years of experience breeding these beautiful creatures. The collie is a special type of herding and therapy dog.

The enjoyable companionship of the Collie breed makes them the best breed around!  This is why Stirling Collies distinctively continues to raise this collie family.

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Get a Collie home - stirling collies

Are you looking for a companion who could spread cheer and joy around your household? Well then, you should get a Collie for your family. Now a Collie is a highland dog, which was mainly found in Scotland and other parts of England, but now is available all around the world. It is a fun loving dog and has a legacy of being used as a herding dog.

If you always wanted to adopt, or own a collie puppy then you should definitely check out what Stirling Collies has to offer. Stirling Collies is a renowned facility, which is led by Diane Stirling.She has over 25 years of experience in raising Collie puppies and Shollies. You can definitely contact Stirling Collies if you are looking for a grown up Collie or a puppy. Stirling Collies sometimes has older Collies available, due to a variety of reasons. All the Collie puppies available at StirlingCollies are definitely checked properly from a health perspective.  It is ensured that all the necessary vaccines are administered to the puppy before arriving in their new home.

Adopt cute Collies | Stirling Collies

Bring the dog lover in you to the fore and get a great companion for yourself by adopting a collie. Collies and collie puppies prove to be great friends for life, and they bring in a wave of joy in the family in which they are brought up. Collies are friendly dogs and are very alert by nature. Collies puppies or dogs, which were mainly herding dogs and are found in the highlands in England, have a coating of fur which ranges from being smooth (short) to slightly rough (long).