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StirlingCollies is one of the best places to acquire some of the good looking healthy collies. This place owned by Diane Stirlings is by far the best when it comes to excellent and seamless service for adopting collie puppies. So check out the website and bring home a cute little collie puppy today.

Dog Breeding Is A Demanding Affair

Dog Breeding Is A Demanding Affair

you always nursed a desire to raise a pet dog? Well then you should definitely
opt for a well-bred dog so that he or she can sink in smoothly with your
family. Therefore, it is evident that breeding dogs is no mean feat. The dogs
need to be bred with a lot of care so that they can sink into your families
without causing a major upheaval in your lives. Some of the dogs are very
aggressive, so they need special attention and handling. Therefore, you should
always depend on expert and experienced dog breeders like Diane Stirling who are the founders of
Best Stirling Collies - Stirling collies

Best Stirling Collies - Stirling collies

Are you wondering what Stirling Collies is? The Stirling collies is a  Collie and Shollie breeder, and offer more information about their services at  Stirling Collies is a place where one can get the best Collies that are taken great care of. They also have Shollies, which are a cross between a German Shepherd and Collie. Both the collies and shollies are active and playful dogs. As with any pet, they both require proper care and prove to be great additions to any family.

Collies, Shollies and more

Looking to gain a friend for life? Well, then you should definitely look at getting a dog as a pet.  It will serve as a friend for a long time. Dogs are very loyal to their masters and the family of which they join. They are active and fun loving animals, thereby spreading joy all over the household.

One of the best breeds of dogs that one can own is the Collie. They were originally found in the highlands of Scotland and were mainly herding dogs.  However, in modern times they are owned by families, and help the families have a nice time, for work or pleasure.  The collies are an active species along with being very adorable, loving and gentle in nature.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a collie puppy for yourself then you should check out Stirling Collies at www.stirlingcollies.comStirling Collies are bred with a lot of care and are thus one of the best choices when it comes to owning a collie as a pet. The website, is owned by Diane Stirling who has a considerable repute as one of the top providers of Collies and Shollies. The dogs are taken great care of by herself and her team, thereby, ensuring that all the necessary veterinary checks are done for the dogs along with getting them vaccinated etc. Whether it is a rough coated collie, or smooth coated collie, you can find both at

Therefore, visit and check out the awesome Stirling Collies, which are available at affordable and reasonable prices.  Stirling Collies offers full, or limited AKC registration, depending on your needs.

Collies & Shollies - Go a long way in being a friend

Are you looking for a long term friend? If so, you should definitely think of having a dog by your side. Dogs are known to be best friends with humans, and when taken care of in a proper manner, you can get a friend for a lifetime. There are a number of dogs that one could breed. However, if you are looking for loyal, smart, and strong breed of dogs then you should check out the Collies and the Shollies (collie/shepherd mix).

These puppies when taken care of properly, will grow up to be beautiful looking dogs.  They have a dual coat of fur for winter weather and shed their undercoat for summertime.  Collies are also used for therapy work, and are very smart.  Shollies are a mix of the Collie and Shepherd breeds. They are very smart and can be used for work, therapy, or just family time, as they love running and playing around with humans. Often you will find these dogs coming and playing with you and when you are upset, they will sense it and try to change your mood with their friendly nature and playful mood. So you should definitely bring home a puppy today if you are looking forward to long lasting companionship and friendship.

For healthy and good looking Collies and Shollies visit the website:, which houses some of the best bred Collies and Shollies. You can get Collie puppies at reasonable rates and they ensure that they deliver the Collie puppies in the best health to your doorstep. So visit today and check out the wonderful collection of Collie, or Shollie puppies that they have available.  They also have a wish list form that you can fill out to be notified of upcoming litters.

Collies are enjoyable to be around and astonishing pets

Yes, Collies are my closest companions – Our Collies are without a doubt a great wellspring of fellowship and affection. They are there to hear me out and keep me so cheerful. I really anticipate going home as I probably am aware they are avidly sitting tight for me. Visit Here:

Stirling collies is the best way to trained your collie.

The best way to train your Stirling collie is to keep appreciating them and giving them rewards for every little improvement they make. You should have a fixed training session for your collie every day so that they keep revising whatever they learn. It becomes easier for them to understand and comprehend with regular training. Also collies can be shy. They need to socialize regularly so that they become friendly with everyone.

Get a Collie as a companion to alleviate your nerves

If you always wanted to have a pet that is alert, energetic and cheerful then you should definitely bring home a Shollie. Shollies are a breed of dogs that are used for many purposes like herding, hunting etc. Shollies are a result of the mix of German Shepherd and Collie. The characteristic that stands out for the Shollies is that they are highly affectionate and have a highest regards for their owner.

They can be stubborn at times but that would not last long if you play along with them. In addition, Shollies are very active, playful, alert and always energetic. This breed of dog always loves a lot of physical activity. In order to ensure that they grow in a healthy manner it is imperative that the Shollies are provided with an ample amount of exercise time. Shollies are available in a number of colors. Some of the colors are brown, black and tan, black, yellow, white, sable and cream. You should also take care of their food so that their bones are healthy. As an owner one should ensure that the grooming of the Shollies is done on a regular basis so that the fur stays in a healthy condition. They are also well mannered, however, they can get really very aggressive if they sense some danger or if they feel something fishy.

Conclusively, if you are looking for a healthy and cute looking Shollie then check out the website named as it has an amazing collection of well-maintained Shollies. So bring home one of them and get a friendship that will fill your life with fondness and affinity.

Are you planning to get a collie home? Then you are at the perfect place to choose the healthy and trained pet.

“Experience the joy with beloved pet collie”.
It’s said that dogs are the loyal friends to human beings. Be it a choice of particular breed or any other. The choice of a collie is best if one needs a dog with qualities like they are sensitive, mild-mannered, sweet, easy to train and the best part is that this breed goes easy and are friendly with other dogs too. It is always said that dogs are intelligent and loyal; collies are one amongst as they carry qualities like they are strong, intelligent and easy to maintain for a dog’s breed. According to the Collie club of America there are two varieties of this breed; Rough Collie and Smooth Collie, basically most of the qualities are same in both.

Why collie is a best choice:
It’s a fact to believe collies have rich and loyal following. They are medium-sized dogs having longevity for 10 – 15 years. You always love the color of the pet which is of sable color which can range from light golden tan to a dark mahogany color, tricolor and the most popular color is Blur Merle.  Almost all collies are marked with the traditional white collar, chest, legs, and feet, tail tip and sometimes white facial markings, named as Blaze.
Dog lovers always find certain qualities in collies which can never want them to lose it.  They are energetic outdoor, loyal, secure, not aggressive and easy to train etc. The choice of Collie is always best in terms of one need a best partner with pets.
Why trust us in selecting Collie breed:

Our main strategy for our beloved customer to give satisfied and genuine information in selecting a breed; where Collie can make your best partner and hence we are in the industry from past many years with the support of our happy customers. We always make the things in best way in terms of dog feeding, training, quality measures etc.

How to make your collie happy and healthy : Stirling collies

There are so many cases in listen like this, our collie or our puppy is not well or happy. Here you can know , how to keep your collie happy and healthy. Stirlingcollies is very helpful in this case. Visit Here :-