Get a Collie as a companion to alleviate your nerves

If you always wanted to have a pet that is alert, energetic and cheerful then you should definitely bring home a Shollie. Shollies are a breed of dogs that are used for many purposes like herding, hunting etc. Shollies are a result of the mix of German Shepherd and Collie. The characteristic that stands out for the Shollies is that they are highly affectionate and have a highest regards for their owner.

They can be stubborn at times but that would not last long if you play along with them. In addition, Shollies are very active, playful, alert and always energetic. This breed of dog always loves a lot of physical activity. In order to ensure that they grow in a healthy manner it is imperative that the Shollies are provided with an ample amount of exercise time. Shollies are available in a number of colors. Some of the colors are brown, black and tan, black, yellow, white, sable and cream. You should also take care of their food so that their bones are healthy. As an owner one should ensure that the grooming of the Shollies is done on a regular basis so that the fur stays in a healthy condition. They are also well mannered, however, they can get really very aggressive if they sense some danger or if they feel something fishy.

Conclusively, if you are looking for a healthy and cute looking Shollie then check out the website named as it has an amazing collection of well-maintained Shollies. So bring home one of them and get a friendship that will fill your life with fondness and affinity.

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