Collies & Shollies - Go a long way in being a friend

Are you looking for a long term friend? If so, you should definitely think of having a dog by your side. Dogs are known to be best friends with humans, and when taken care of in a proper manner, you can get a friend for a lifetime. There are a number of dogs that one could breed. However, if you are looking for loyal, smart, and strong breed of dogs then you should check out the Collies and the Shollies (collie/shepherd mix).

These puppies when taken care of properly, will grow up to be beautiful looking dogs.  They have a dual coat of fur for winter weather and shed their undercoat for summertime.  Collies are also used for therapy work, and are very smart.  Shollies are a mix of the Collie and Shepherd breeds. They are very smart and can be used for work, therapy, or just family time, as they love running and playing around with humans. Often you will find these dogs coming and playing with you and when you are upset, they will sense it and try to change your mood with their friendly nature and playful mood. So you should definitely bring home a puppy today if you are looking forward to long lasting companionship and friendship.

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