Collies, Shollies and more

Looking to gain a friend for life? Well, then you should definitely look at getting a dog as a pet.  It will serve as a friend for a long time. Dogs are very loyal to their masters and the family of which they join. They are active and fun loving animals, thereby spreading joy all over the household.

One of the best breeds of dogs that one can own is the Collie. They were originally found in the highlands of Scotland and were mainly herding dogs.  However, in modern times they are owned by families, and help the families have a nice time, for work or pleasure.  The collies are an active species along with being very adorable, loving and gentle in nature.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a collie puppy for yourself then you should check out Stirling Collies at www.stirlingcollies.comStirling Collies are bred with a lot of care and are thus one of the best choices when it comes to owning a collie as a pet. The website, is owned by Diane Stirling who has a considerable repute as one of the top providers of Collies and Shollies. The dogs are taken great care of by herself and her team, thereby, ensuring that all the necessary veterinary checks are done for the dogs along with getting them vaccinated etc. Whether it is a rough coated collie, or smooth coated collie, you can find both at

Therefore, visit and check out the awesome Stirling Collies, which are available at affordable and reasonable prices.  Stirling Collies offers full, or limited AKC registration, depending on your needs.

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